Five Wounds Portuguese National Parish has been serving the needs of Catholics in East San José since 1914. The church is one of the most photographed, sketched, and painted buildings in the city. It was even featured in a Southwest Airlines "Get Away to San José" Internet advertisement.

Founder Monsignor Henrique Ribeiro purchased the Pavilion of Portugal that had been built for San Francisco's Panama Pacific Exposition of 1915 for the grand sum of $200. Volunteers dismantled the building in two weeks. The structural wood, stained glass windows and other decorative items were used in the construction of Five Wounds Church.

Construction of the church began in September, 1916. Though unfinished, the church saw its first Mass celebrated on June 29, 1918 for the annual "Festa do Divino Espírito Santo" (Feast of the Holy Ghost). Thousands attended the church's grand dedication on July 13, 1919.

Decorative medallions that adorned the Pavilion of Portugal at the San Francisco Panama Pacific Exposition of 1915 were saved and reused in Five Wounds Portuguese National Church.

Five Wounds Portuguese National Church has stood sentinel on East Santa Clara Street since 1916, 30 years before Hwy 101 was constructed through East San José.

The ornate main altar may look like marble, but it's not. It's wood painted to look like marble.

In the mid-1920s, Italian-born and Vatican Gallery-trained Rev. Luigi Sciocchetti (1878–1961) was commissioned to paint the interior murals above the main altar. Father Sciocchetti had been banished from Italy by Mussolini and immigrated to San Jose in 1925. He was pastor of Holy Cross Church for five years.

Stained glass windows donated by parishioners adorn the church.

Many of the stained glass windows reflect the church's Portuguese heritage.

Rev. António Silveira is Pastor. He was ordained by Bishop McGrath on June 1, 2013.

A narrow, steep stairway leads up to the choir loft. It has not been used for decades due to municipal codes and the ADA. Choirs sing from the front, side altar.

In 1929 and 1930, the I.E.S. Holy Ghost celebrations continued to draw thousands to East San José and to Five Wounds Church. Over 15,000 attended and two hundred calves were auctioned to pay for the new church organ.

In addition to the main altar, there are six side altars. The ornate pulpit is rarely used today.

Old-world traditions are maintained at Five Wounds Portuguese National Parish.

The Risen Christ adorns the main altar from Easter to Pentecost.

Easter fun for the kids.

The Portuguese devotion to Our Lady of Fátima remains strong and steadfast.

The Feast of the Holy Ghost has been celebrated since 1914. That first year, Mass was celebrated from the front porch of the parish rectory. The first Holy Ghost Mass in the new church was celebrated on June 29, 1918.

Five Wounds Portuguese National Church was founded by immigrants and has welcomed all since 1914.

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