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Marriage is the sacrament in which a couple is united in a lifetime commitment of mutual love and fidelity.  Weddings usually take place in the parish of the bride or the groom.

The Marriage Preparation Program in the Diocese of San José asks that couples planning to marry begin making arrangements at least six (6) months before the planned date of their wedding. If either the bride or the groom is under the age of 19, the couple should allow additional time beyond the normal six months for preparation.

Marriage Preparation

If you would like to have your ceremony in our church please contact email hidden; JavaScript is required to check availability of the date you are requesting.

You will need to have an interview with a priest before you can be married in the Catholic Church. During the interview you will need to bring two witnesses who know you well.  If you would like a priest from our church to officiate your wedding please email our pastor, Rev. António Silveira, email hidden; JavaScript is required or call (408 ) 292-2123 for an appointment.

If you would like a priest from another parish or diocese outside of San José, you will need to provide a letter of suitability from his bishop stating that he is in good standing and may officiate your wedding.

After your interview is complete and it is verified that you are free to marry in the Catholic Church, you will need to:

  1. Schedule a date. Weddings are every Saturday at either 11 AM, 1 PM or 3 PM with two hours allotted for seating guests, ceremony and photos. For example, if your wedding is at 11 AM, your time slot is 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM.
  2. Pay non-refundable deposit of $500 to secure your date by either cash or check. The balance of $900 is due six months prior to your wedding. The fee includes use of the church, priest and (1) organist/cantor and ceremony coordinator. The total is $1,400.  If your wedding is cancelled within six months or less of the ceremony date, a 50% fee will be charged to your final payment for the inconvenience to the parish.
  3. Schedule a marriage prep retreat at Our Lady of Peace Church.  Additional fees are required for each class. For marriage prep retreat:  Genieve Van Tuyl at (408) 988-4585 or email email hidden; JavaScript is required.  For natural family planning classes: Dolores Moreno at (408) 983-0130, email hidden; JavaScript is required or email hidden; JavaScript is required;  Couple-to-Couple League through their Web site; or Fertilitycare  Creighton Model, Grace M. Lxamana, BSMT, FCPI, email hidden; JavaScript is required.
  4. Bring baptismal certificate to Five Wounds Church office.
  5. Bring Marriage license from the County of Santa Clara to the Five Wounds Church office.
  6. Bring Marriage prep and family planning completion  certificates to Five Wounds Church office.   ALL required documentation and balance of fees  are due 6-8 weeks prior to your ceremony.
  7. Call and secure the music for your ceremony. The following  contacts are available for our church:  Carlos Barba (organist and cantor) email hidden; JavaScript is required (408) 813- 7069; Julia Steward (organist and cantor) email hidden; JavaScript is required (408 ) 655-9697; or Gildardo Suarez  (organist and cantor) email hidden; JavaScript is required (408) 202-2823. Any of these are included in your fee.  If you wish to bring your own music, it must reflect the religious and sacramental nature of your marriage.  Pop music is neither appropriate nor permitted at Five Wounds Church.
  8. Attend your rehearsal that should be held on the week of your ceremony and can be scheduled by calling Mary Vargas at (408) 292-2123. Rehearsals can be on Fridays 4-5 PM, 5-6 PM or 6-7 PM.  The ceremony coordinator, Champion Avecilla, will meet you in front of the church and can be contacted by calling (408) 500-7680 or email: email hidden; JavaScript is required
  9. Select your own photographer; however, they must follow the etiquette that is appropriate for a religious service.  Drones are not allowed on or over Five Wounds Church property at any time.
  10. Have your flower arrangements and other decorations approved by the parish office prior to your wedding.

Services are available in English, Spanish or Portuguese. Please let the office know your language preference. Every effort will be made to accommodate your request.