Sponsor Stained Glass Window Commemoration
The Rev. Thomas R. Bettencourt Fund The Last Supper
Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane
Ecce Homo
Mater Dolorosa
The Rev. Thomas R. Bettencourt Fund
Batista and Dolores Vieira St. Anne, Mother of Mary Batista and Dolores Vieira in memory of Manuel and Maria Vieira de Sequeira
Batista and Dolores Vieira St. Anthony Davide, Theresa, Christopher and Anthony Vieira in memory of Manuel and Ana Vieira
Batista and Dolores Vieira Jesus Blessing the Children Joseph, Lina, Nicholas and Ethan Vieira in memory of Joseph and Mary Machado
Christina Andrade Four windows above main altar:
2 Portuguese Ecclesiastic Blazon
2 Cross of the Order of Christ
Christina Andrade, Andrade Tax Service, for the love of the Andrade Family
Luso-American Life Insurance Society Queen St. Isabel Luso-American Life Insurance Society
Portuguese Fraternal Society of America Descent of the Holy Spirit Upon the Apostles Portuguese Fraternal Society of America
Miguel Valle Ávila & Lúcia Soares Our Lady of the Rosary of Fátima 1917 Família Ávila-Soares — Miguel, Lúcia, Amélia e Sofia em memória dos seus familiares falecidos
Joe Cota Portuguese Ecclesiastic Christogram (choir) Joe Cota in memory of his wife Filomena and daughter Alicia
António and Luisa Freitas Jesus Laid in the Tomb Tony e Luisa Freitas e Família em memória dos seus pais e irmãos
John and Connie Goulart Pietà João, Connie and Krystal Goulart
John and Sue Sobrato Holy Family John and Sue Sobrato
Albert and Catherine Vieira Birth of Jesus Albert and Catherine Vieira
Anonymous St. Sebastian In memory of Germano and Ana Luis
Armando and Inez S. Ávila Our Lady of Good Voyage Armando and Inez S. Ávila in memory of Steve and Carlos Souza
Agostinho and Rose Bettencourt Guardian Angel Coronation of Mary Agostinho and Rose Bettencourt in honor of Albert’s special and challenging life.  God’s special, inspirational life.  Our loving disabled son, brother and uncle.
Anne J. Cardoso and Rosa Soares St. Teresa Em memória dos difuntos de Rosa Soares e Anne Cardoso
B.J. and Bebe Cassin Immaculate Heart of Mary B.J. and Bebe Cassin
Manuel and Manuela Dias St. Barbara Manuel e Manuela Dias por todas as graças recebidas, Amen.  God Bless America
Maria Amélia Escobar St. Catherine Maria Amélia Escobar em memória de José Rosa Escobar e pais João e Rosa Freitas
George and Mabel Mattos St. John the Baptist George and Mabel Mattos & Family
Bento B. and Maria L. Oliveira St. Anthony of the Desert Bento e Leontina Oliveira para as almas dos seus difuntos e para a intenção dos seus filhos e netos
Ann Pinheiro St. Peter Ann Pinheiro in memory of the Ribeiro, Bettencourt, Fialho, Peterson, and Pinheiro Families
Ed Rose St. Blaise Edward Rose and Family in memory of Mary Jane Rose, loving wife and mother
Joe and Mary Rose St. Anne Joe e Mary Rose, Kathleen, Joseph e David em memória dos filhos e irmãos Júlio e Tony Rose
José Silva and Lucinda M. Sousa St. Amarus the Pilgrim Lucinda Martins Sousa em memória de Manuel Sousa
José Aica Silva em memória de Maria de Jesus Silva
Edna Silveira Our Lady, Help of Christians Em memória de João António e Edna Silveira
José Franklin and Maria Cidália Soares Portuguese Ecclesiastic Blazon Em Acção de Graças — José Franklin e Maria Cidália Soares
Manuel and Filomena Sousa Sacred Heart of Jesus Manuel, Filomena, Jennifer e Christopher Sousa
Parishioners 3 Portuguese Ecclesiastic Blazon
St. Michael Archangel
Paroquianos (Parishioners)
Altar Society Angels (above main doors) Sociedade do Altar (Altar Society)